XiCali Products is a brown womyn business that provides all natural skin care products & CBD products with deep roots in social & environmental justice. Providing our community with ethically-made and effective products without harsh pharmaceuticals & chemicals.

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Relax and Soothing Kit
Relax and Soothing Kit

Relax and Soothing Kit


Our All Natural Skin care kit is perfect for acne prone skin & people who have over dry skin or
overly oily skin!

Our Best Selling CBD Rubs all in one kit perfect for elderly loved ones! 

Our Relax & Sooth Kit is perfect for people looking to relax from the stress of the world!

CBD Products

Many ancient cultures have know the power of the cannabis plant, for the both the spirit & the body. And thankfully that wisdom has not been lost. All of our CBD products are made with a specific intention, to help you will a better healthier life.

We have our CBD oil rubs, which were the first products I created for my mother. We are happy to say that our oils have  been loved by her and many members of our community (just read the 5 star reviews). 

We also carry CBD Roll Ons for your head, they're the perfect travel-size companion to help give you an instant cooling sensation! And last but not least our CBD Skincare, combining two of our most popular categories into one, creating some powerful goodness!

So if you or a loved one are looking to try the power of CBD then gives us a try! All of our cannabis is organically grown and you can rest assured knowing that the CBD you're taking is ethically made & ethically sourced.

"All products offered on this website that contain CBD have been derived from hemp."

All Natural Skin Care

Our natural skin care products are filled with only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. We have our natural facial cleansers perfect for mopping up any excess dirt, dead skin cells or any other gunk you want off your face. We also have our natural face serum oils perfect for hydrating dry skin & helping relieve acne prone skin. Also, helps with clearing out redness & hormonal breakouts.

Another skincare favorite is our facial toner water sprays great for tightening pores and clearing out any left over acne causing bacteria left behind! Our natural face masks offer a powerful & gentle exfoliator to help go deep into pores to remove any bacteria that builds up from our day to day lives. And one of our newer addition to our skin care regiment is our natural body butters - very hydrating & soothing to dry & damaged skin also, a great addition to a
any sensual massage!

And last but not least, our CBD skin care collection adds the awesome power of CBD, giving you an amazing glow and will make you feel radiantly beautiful! And you will get all this without any harsh chemicals or dangerous pharmaceuticals! Natural ingredients for natural results!

Health & Wellness Products

Our health and wellness products cover a wide variety of categories. And each of these products are made with a strong intention to help bring peace & balance into your life. That is our main focus here at XiCali Products - to make our community more healthy physically, mentally & spiritually. For example:

Our aromatherapy nasal inhaler sticks are a simple yet powerful remedy you can take with you anywhere you go. We have inhaler sticks that open your sinuses giving you a boost of energy and we have inhaler sticks that help you come down and help you to relax - definitely my favorite!

We also offer herbal teas that also help you relax from a hectic day or herbal teas that help you get an extra boost of energy when you are feeling sluggish. And the most important part of all ... NO CRAZY CHEMICALS - all mother nature!

And of course we offer natural menstrual products to help relieve intense menstrual cramps & help balance your hormones. And another great way to balance your hormones & manage stress/anxiety is with our herbal tinctures. Just add some drops underneath your tongue and feel the instant power of mother nature. 

Personal Hygiene Products

There is perhaps no other group of products (maybe foods) that has so many toxic chemicals as personal hygiene products. And the scary part is that the marketing for these products fools people into believing that these companies are using "natural" ingredients. They're not! Just look at the back of the bottle and you will see the ugly truth. And worst part, is the fact that some of these chemicals can lead to some serious health problems. That is why We ONLY use ingredients made from mother nature for our natural hygiene products.

We have our natural toothpowders, which have activated charcoal to help brighten your smile & a wide variety of essential oils to help kill infectious bacteria & leave your breathe smelling great. We also carry all natural deodorants which does not contain aluminum, tricolsan, paraben preservatives or any other harsh chemical. It offers a powerful solution to stanky pits without causing health problems. And no artificial fragrances, so the amazing floral scents you smell are the real thing!

We can keep ourselves clean without having to use crazy chemicals. So if you want a clean & powerful remedy for your personal hygiene then give us a try!

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