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Corona Polisher Headache Roll-On

Corona Polisher Headache Roll-On

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Try our Corona Polisher Roll On for a great cooling sensation for your headaches.

 Packed with hemp, magnesium, feverfew, and peppermint to help you feel like royalty all over again! 

Keep it in your pockets for when you need a cool compress and want to use ancient herbs like feverfew to help you make all your boss moves! 

  • Instructions: Roll all over the hairline, neck, and temples at least 4 times and reapply as needed.


"All products offered on this website that contain CBD have been derived from hemp." 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Viceida Carachure
5/5 Product

I was introduced to this product by a friend. I woke up with the worst migraine headache, dizziness, light sensitive and nausea. The nausea was killing me. With in seconds of me smelling this product the nausea was completely gone. It may sound like I am over exaggerating BUT I am telling you with in seconds it took the nausea away and calm the headache from 10+ to a 5! I placed my order right away. I just recommend this product to another friend.

Leslie Lopez
Headaches have subsided

I've been dealing with stress headaches for a while and was hesitant to try yet another product. I finally decided to give Corona Polisher Roll-On a shot, and I couldn't be happier with the results. My headaches have noticeably subsided since I started using it. The roll-on application is so convenient and mess-free, making it easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Another huge plus is the option for pick-up, which makes the whole purchasing experience even better. Highly recommend for anyone looking to manage stress-related headaches!

Angie Macias
Excellent product for migraines

This is my 3rd or 4th time purchasing this product. I can't go anywhere without it. I love it and the service is exceptional. I loved the samples they sent me with my roll in.

Hannah Lopez
This Really Works

I actually stopped taking Tylenol and Advil and exclusively use this for headaches, it works that well. It smells incredible too. Love love love this stuff!!!

Reviewer avatar
Dustin Turner

Trust me when I say BUG THE BIGGEST SIZE YOU CAN! Literally have the worst headaches and this product works like no other for me! After applying I like to massage it into my skin it seems to make the cooling way more intense and I love that! Chelly applied this to me for the first time when I had a major headache and no lie within 10 minutes it was like gone! Needles to say I was hooked. I would and have recommended this product to everyone but get the big one because your are gonna fall in love instantly👍.