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Dolor De Pancita CBD Tincture

Dolor De Pancita CBD Tincture

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If you have an upset stomach and feel nauseous then this tincture can help you! We've created a potent remedy to help with nausea and stomach aches. Great for people who have motion sickness or IBS. Safe to use for children ages 5+

  • IngredientsOrganic Avocado Oil, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Peppermint, Organic Hemp
  • Instructions: Take 10-20 drops underneath tongue or you can mix it with tea, water, or a smoothie. Use when needed. Safe for ages 5+.


"All products offered on this website that contain CBD have been derived from hemp."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
If you get frequent heartburn or stomach pain....get this tincture!!

I received this tincture as part of a goodie bag after attending one of XiCali's events and honestly put it on a shelf and forgot about it....I recently cleaned/organized and found it and started using it when I get feelings of heartburn or "acid" in the stomach and throat. When I tell you this is fast-acting and provides RELIEF I am not joking!!! I have a sensitive stomach it seems, and love to drink coffee first thing in the morning. I've made this remedy a part of my morning routine. Plus, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain. I take one dropper full under my tongue (tastes very neutral) and am able to get back to sleep. I've even noticed it soothes those acidic burps I sometimes get (iykyk). Thank you XiCali for another product that takes away the pain. I am so grateful.

Connie Vee
Life saver!

A little TMI but my friend has chronic pain and gets easily nauseous. Her doctor said when the body is in a lot of pain, it can cause the body to throw up.

I gifted her a tincture shortly after taking a road trip which we both got car sick and she said the nausea went away and she hasn’t feel this well in YEARS!

She’s incredibly thankful and will definitely stock up on it. Thank you for creating these amazing products!

Maria E
Dolores de panza be gone!

I have some issues with my stomach constantly. I also like to eat super spicy food so it's such a horrible combo. Anyway, I had recently ate super spicy aguachile that made my stomach feel horrible afterwards. So I made myself this tea and low and behold, 10 mins later I was feeling so much better. No more feeling of excruciating pain coming from my stomach. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.