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Cool & Tingly Pain Rub

Cool & Tingly Pain Rub

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Rich with Santo Aceite (CBD). Our Cool and Tingly Rub is perfect for everyday use for aches, soreness, or after a workout. Enjoy this invigorating natural aroma.

  • Instructions: Massage for 5-15 minutes. Use as needed. Topical use only! 
  • Ingredients: Cannabis, avocado oil, eucalyptus, menthol 


  "All products offered on this website that contain CBD have been derived from hemp." 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
our whole family loves it!

i ordered this for my uncle for neuropathy and it's helped his pain!! i asked him for a review in his own words and it was "it works! enough said". my grandma and mom with arthritis also really love this product.

Great for neck/shoulder pain

I get awful neck and shoulder pain from stress, to the point where it's uncomfortable to sleep. Tried this (or the Cálmate Oil if it's before bed), and with a massage, it really helped lower the pain.

even for the headaches!

I use this when i cant find my corona roller. it is very helpful for even headaches or any kind of ache i have. i lvoe it for my anxiety as well. just drop a few on my hand and meditate away.

and i realize i already made a review. F it. i still use it and believe in it. clearly i still use it for the same reasons lol love this product

my go to!

my go to when I have some sense of headache or overwhelm, this plus a little meditation to the ancestors for healing y saz! before I know it, I am feeling wayy wayy better!

Laura D.
It works!

I originally bought this for my daughter who does ballet, gymnastics and hip hop and was suffering from pains after her activities. I applied it on her feet and legs and it helps her sleep. We then after got covid and had chess pains. This product even helped us manage our chess pain while we had covid, making it easier to move during the day.