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Mellow Out Tincture
Stephany Cuevas
This is what i was looking for!

Great product- I was looking for something to help me relax and easy my anxiety to help me rest. This product is it!

Love my skin

I love this product. I bought it due to having alot of spots and acne on my face from stress. I felt a different right away. My face started clearing out within the first week of using it. Best of all, it leaves my skin feeling very soft. I love to use it at the end of the day especially after having a stressful day.


I'm in love with the sample products I received. I had to tell my mother and sisters to check your products too!
I received my products fast and I love how it was all packaged too. Thank you!

a revolutionary shift in approaching headaches!

this wondrous cure has truly been such a game-changer for me in regards to finding remedies to the aches. i first got this when in the midst of finishing school online during lockdown, when headaches would be constant after endless screen time. it is cooling, it is calming, it is refreshing and it really soothes. i've turned so many amiguis to this wonder and always feel excited to mention it to folks. so grateful for this medicine! super worth it :)


Myself and my daughter love it best investment when it comes to period, cramps

1 on 1 Consulting
Erika Grijalva

1 on 1 Consulting

Loved everything

Love Love Love

Corona Polisher is with me all the time! Works so well! Highly recommend I use it for headaches, sinuses, pain.

Canna Canela Rub
Aracely Duron

My mom swears by this for her lower back pains! Had to get her to try these magical products.

Smells great and feels great! Easy to use and take with you.

Canna Canela Rub
Krystal B
Potent Pain Reliever

I tried the newsletter sample and gave the Canna Canela to my abuela and she fell in love with it; she never asks for any gifts but my abuela wanted this oil! I almost wanted to keep the sample for myself but I know my grandmother needs it more than I do and it genuinely has helped relieve her pain ❤️‍🩹 thank you so much Chelly!!

So moisturizing

It smells like a heavenly floral garden; it’s a solid balm but it melts effortlessly on the skin and is so moisturizing; I love the texture and spreadability 🌹

I appreciate the Hormonal Supplement Powder

I've used it a few times and I feel like it helped my mood. I felt like it also helped with my libido. I felt optimistic and in a good mood. I highly recommend it.

Feels Good!

My Sister bought the Corona polisher for me in Oct 2021 when I got covid and I used it daily to keep the headaches at bay. The roller feels good and smells good. It gave me comfort when I was ill. Since then it's my go to whenever I feel a headache coming on. It keeps me from taking pills which I like. I am now on my 2nd roller. Thanks XiCali!

Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser
Andrea Mercedes Garcia

I love this cleanser!!! My absolute favorite!!
Smells amazing and leaves my face super soft. I have sensitive skin and this is the only cleaner I've used with ZERO IRRITATION !

Té Para La Acidez
Mariah Martinez
Heartburn be gone!

I always get heartburn and this tea definitely helped it calm down and I slept very well. I also got the pcos tea which I will try as soon as I start my period! I wasn’t too sure about my products, but Chelly is amazing and answered my questions from her Instagram so promptly I thought she was a bot 😂 amazing company and will be a regular for sure 🥰

¡Cálmate Tea!
Mariah Martinez
Cálmate tea works great!

I bought this product for my mom to be able to sleep and it definitely helped knock her out!

Great products!

I was waiting for a few days of using this to give an educated review and let me tell you, this stuff works! I was having a bit of a breakout on my face and I started using the set. After a week my face was looking and feeling great, no irritation at all and the breakout was gone! The smell is a little overpowering but so nice after you’re done and makes you feel so refreshed. Thank you Chely, I will be getting more of your products!

Canna Canela Rub
Cindy Luquin
Surgery recovery

Mi abuelita just had a spinal fusion surgery and she asked for this to help with her pain recovery. I’m thankful that she has experienced relief with this powerful alternative.

Stress Relief Kit
Nicole Ayon

Love all these products. They work so well.


I'm in love with these products! The Squeaky Clean cleanser is amazing and made my face feel fantastic! The cbd Corona roll on was instantaneous and I reach for it whenever I have a headache. Thank you for these amazing products ☺️💞


An amazing product my face feels so soft!

Canna Canela Rub
Maria Sotelo
Carpal tunnel relief

Great alternative to having to take pills for pain on my hands. Helped my mom and daughter too. Highlights reccomend.

Touch of Gold Facial Serum
Cinthia Gutierrez

Love this product! have definitely noticed a change. I used to have red blemishes but this product has helped reduce the redness. This is my 2nd time purchasing it.

Great product!

I gave a bottle of canna canela to my grandma. She’s bragging and raving about how great she feels. The arthritis in her hand had caused numbing and she realized she was bending and using her finger as she was massaging the rub into her knee. She sends her bendiciones! Thanks Chely!