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Mellow Out Tincture
Laura Torres

I’ve only tried oil CBD tinctures in the past and this one is way better! I’m not sure if it’s the additional herbs or because the cane alcohol is better a better solvent than fat.
I usually take some in the morning with a little water and it really helps with managing stress and not feeling so overwhelmed.

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I use these products and my pain is gone instantly. I share this information with Family and friends everyone should check out the website.

Canna Canela Rub
Kimberly Rivas
Love it.

Don't think twice about it just get it!! It's really great! Try it out for yourself!!!


This thing really works I get headaches pretty often and this remedy works the same as tynenol would. I though my headache will take longer to go away but it didn’t! I’m really trying to not take as many pills and I really see this as a substitute🤩👏🏽👏🏽

Game Changer 🙌🏾

I carry this roller with me everywhere! I struggle with headaches quite a bit and the roller has provided me with so much relief. Without fail, it works instantly. So I know I’m always going to be covered!

found a use for it!!

So, i wrote a 3 star review a long while ago. but i love Xicali products so it hurt me to write but of course honesty is important, it just didnt work for me at the time for underarms.

Here I am, still holding onto the product because I would never get rid of a natural product. I just had to think about how to reuse it or pay it forward to someone. 2 years later, i whip this bad boy out, and i used it for my feet. yes, i am admitting, i have sweaty feet and my vans stink but i love them lol. I rubbed some of this deodorant at the bottom of my feet and at the end of the day, my shoes were deodorized. It literally had no more stank smell to them. i even had my boyfriend smell them to confirm i wasn't trippen.

i wore my stinky-no sock wearing vans today and my shoes smell like the deodorant with a very very light faint stank ;) im just glad i found a way to re-purpose it!!! i knew it would come in clutch somehow-i couldnt give it up.


This is my second round of this product. I bought it a few years back (It was still good lol) and I really have to say that every time I brushed with this, I was complimented on how white my teeth looked. I love the freshness of it. This second time around, the product is much more mintier which I love even more now!

Smell like a flower

I really wanted to love this butter but I get a little impatient with waiting for it to “melt” :( I thought it was going to glide on my skin, pero no.

I love the smell and I’m all about the ingredients. Just a little hard to put on.

my go to!

my go to when I have some sense of headache or overwhelm, this plus a little meditation to the ancestors for healing y saz! before I know it, I am feeling wayy wayy better!

No more pain!

Love the inhaler! As soon as I feel my migraine coming I take a sniff and it puts a stop almost right away. The tea is great for those late in the day headaches, it helps you sleep better! Love Xicalli products, thank you Chelly...

Canna Canela Rub
Zoey Villegas
Amazing pain reliever!!

Provides positive results, no cap! I'm a Baker so I suffer from nerve damage on my hands from changing temps from hot/cold. The pain gets so bad that my arm goes numb. I've tried everything from meds to creams and nothing worked. Thee only thing that helps with the pain is Chelly's Canna Canela Rub. I'm so grateful for this honestly, truly a life saver!! If you're not convinced, try the small version but I promise you're gonna wanna invest in the biggest size.

The best!

Definitely the best one out there, I’ve always been struggling with anxiety and migraines this one is a must have! It helps me to stay calm and not worry about the most useless stuff. Recommended 100%

Positive Mood ✨

I originally bought this to use at the end of the day but I've been using it in the morning and throughout the day especially at work and it's really helped to calm me down and not feel overwhelmed!! It honestly helps ease that negativity that comes with stress 💕

Touch of Gold Facial Serum
Andrea Mercedes Garcia
Mother's garden facial toner, rose gold eye serum, touch of gold face serum

I LOVE THID SOOOO MUCH I EVEN USE IT AS A SETTING SPRAY FOR MY MAKE UP!!! I use this, the rose gold eye serum, and touch of gold face serum, BOMB!!! LOVE ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS!! I have sensitive skin and I am able to use these with no irritation ever! So many compliments on my skin lately since I started using these amazing products

Great products!

I JUST tried your products and I’m in love already! The corona rub is really effective, I was having a bad migraine and used this, in 15 minutes the pain was considerably down and I just had to use it one more time! The fact that I can treat my horrible migraines with something else than medication is priceless… Thank you Chelly for what you do! 🤗

Canna Canela Rub
Arantxa Gomez

I am so happy I purchased the Canela Rub. I have used it on myself, grandma, mother and cousin!

Yesterday, my cousin told me her elbow hurt so I rubbed some of the Canela Rub and checked in with them 30 min later and the pain was no longer there. Anytime my family has pain anywhere I bring out my Canela Rub!

I bought the smallest size and it’s totally worth it. I will be purchasing a bigger size in the future.

Greatest products

I received a sample pack! Everything worked amazing!! Highly recommend!

Care for your face <3

Using this serum (along with the toner and squeaky clean cleanser) makes me feel like I'm performing a sacred daily ritual to cleanse my face and my SOUL. I love xicali products!! Once I started using Chelly's products I haven't looked back...truly made with love


I’ve suffered from migraines for years now. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! some stuff gets my stomach upset so I have to discontinue others simply don’t work… BUT THIS! CORONA ROLLER IS THE SHIIEEEETT! I applied it all over my temples as soon as I started to feel the migraine creep in; it took a whole 2 minutes! And the discomfort was GONE! Like completely! Didn’t come back the next day (like it usually does)! Esto es Benditooo!! so with that being said get yours before I buy them all! Thank you XiCali! ❤️❤️


It smells so good and I feel relaxed.

Works like a charm!

Anytime I have a migraine or head ache, this makes it go away. Just follow the directions and BAM.

Canna Canela Rub
Felisa Falcon
Officially a lifesaver

I ordered this for my dad that suffers from a lot of pain from his arms and legs. He was ready to go to the hospital because the medicine the doctors kept giving him weren’t working. I took action and order the 5ml to give it a try and see if it would help him sleep and relax. Let me just say he was so happy he got a night sleep. We are ready to get the big bottle for him after that!
Thank you for making the best organic medicine!

This polisher is effective!

Had a headache, rolled this on like the directions say and reapplied as need , my headache went away and also provided relief. This works 100%. Xicali products are the best. The canela rub is amazing as well. Cant wait to try other products. It is awesome that there is healthy and safe products like xicali, i can use instead of chemically made things.

Corona Polisher Headache Roll-On
Ganina Bustamante Rubio
Headache/migraine Roller

I suffer from Migraines and tension headaches EVERYDAY!! I am on so much medication for my headaches and I wanted to try a natural way to help with my headaches. I have seen many neurologists and treated by "The Best" Neurologists in Southern California however with all the tests, medicines etc, they could never find the reason I have Migraines/tension and Postdrone headaches everyday. The medicine helps and I'm grateful that I have great insurance to be able to have these Dr's and medicine available to me, I wanted to go homeopathic. I used the headache roller the day I got it. I felt a Migraine coming on, I quickly used the headache roller. First I felt the instant cold on my forehead, temples and neck. It took about 15 minutes that I felt the migraine easing and within the hour, I had no increased pain or aggravating symptoms developing. I was able to take it easy that day, I finished up some important paperwork and ran a couple errands. One being going to Costco(a nightmare itself) with no headache or headache triggers. I'm so blessed I found something that is the real deal and natural.

¡Cálmate Tea!
Lizette Guerra
Very effective

I LOVE the CalmaTe tea. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety and this is such a great product that has helped me sleep and quiet my spirit. Gracias!