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Té Para La Acidez
Mariah Martinez
Heartburn be gone!

I always get heartburn and this tea definitely helped it calm down and I slept very well. I also got the pcos tea which I will try as soon as I start my period! I wasn’t too sure about my products, but Chelly is amazing and answered my questions from her Instagram so promptly I thought she was a bot 😂 amazing company and will be a regular for sure 🥰

¡Cálmate Tea!
Mariah Martinez
Cálmate tea works great!

I bought this product for my mom to be able to sleep and it definitely helped knock her out!

Great products!

I was waiting for a few days of using this to give an educated review and let me tell you, this stuff works! I was having a bit of a breakout on my face and I started using the set. After a week my face was looking and feeling great, no irritation at all and the breakout was gone! The smell is a little overpowering but so nice after you’re done and makes you feel so refreshed. Thank you Chely, I will be getting more of your products!

Canna Canela Rub
Cindy Luquin
Surgery recovery

Mi abuelita just had a spinal fusion surgery and she asked for this to help with her pain recovery. I’m thankful that she has experienced relief with this powerful alternative.

Stress Relief Kit
Nicole Ayon

Love all these products. They work so well.


I'm in love with these products! The Squeaky Clean cleanser is amazing and made my face feel fantastic! The cbd Corona roll on was instantaneous and I reach for it whenever I have a headache. Thank you for these amazing products ☺️💞


An amazing product my face feels so soft!

Canna Canela Rub
Maria Sotelo
Carpal tunnel relief

Great alternative to having to take pills for pain on my hands. Helped my mom and daughter too. Highlights reccomend.

Touch of Gold Facial Serum
Cinthia Gutierrez

Love this product! have definitely noticed a change. I used to have red blemishes but this product has helped reduce the redness. This is my 2nd time purchasing it.

Great product!

I gave a bottle of canna canela to my grandma. She’s bragging and raving about how great she feels. The arthritis in her hand had caused numbing and she realized she was bending and using her finger as she was massaging the rub into her knee. She sends her bendiciones! Thanks Chely!

Some Powerful Mini's

I love the sampler set to try out some of the products. So far, my favorite is the Canna Canela; I used it on my grandmothers neck and feet and she liked it so much, I let her keep my sample bottle.
They all smell so good and the oils can be pretty potent, which is great--a little goes a long way helping with pain relief and I like the cinnamon smell of Canna Canela and the minty, tingliness of Corona opening up my sinuses (lol) and de-stressing. I still have yet to try the CBD tincture, but I'm looking forward to it, especially since the Canna Canela and Corona have been working! I already know at least two things i'm coming back to buy lol
Thank you so much for these and the opportunity to sample them !! These are a game-changer. Bendiciones !


I have dry, acne prone skin and after pairing the Mother’s Garden Toner with the Madre Tierra, I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin after one use. Super light weight and refreshing! My redness has gone down and my skin is glowing!

Madre Tierra Facial Serum
Victoria Vargas
Instant results

I have dry, acne prone skin and have tried so many different serums to calm down my redness and help manage my acne however they’ve all dried out my skin, making it worse. I decided to order from after finding XicaliProducts through the Marijuanera podcast! I paired the serum with the mothers garden toner, after the first use my skin is so smooth, has a hydrated glow and my redness has calmed down! The natural scent is very refreshing!

Awesome Aromatherapy Inhaler!!

I used it religiously for a couple of weeks before my Beagle decided to chew it apart. Loved loved loved it and I’m gonna but it again!! The smell was so good and relaxing.

Amazing Little Roll-On Bottle!!!!

I bought this because I’ve been experiencing a lot of cramping lately. I love the warming feeling and it has definitely decreased my cramping substantially. I will do another update once I’ve been using it for a good minute. But from the results I’m seeing now this product is a keeper!!


I don’t go a day without using my roll on

Changed my life

Ever since I started drinking the tea it has helped with my periods not being too heavy and also cutting them down to 5 days. My heavy days have also gone down and it’s not as heavy as before. Definitely has helped make my periods easier for me.

Trustworthy product

I will recommend this product to whomever will listen since it was recommended to me. Thank you Xicali for your healing creations💜

Mellow Out Tincture
Laura Torres

I’ve only tried oil CBD tinctures in the past and this one is way better! I’m not sure if it’s the additional herbs or because the cane alcohol is better a better solvent than fat.
I usually take some in the morning with a little water and it really helps with managing stress and not feeling so overwhelmed.

Products you’ll love

I use these products and my pain is gone instantly. I share this information with Family and friends everyone should check out the website.

Canna Canela Rub
Kimberly Rivas
Love it.

Don't think twice about it just get it!! It's really great! Try it out for yourself!!!


This thing really works I get headaches pretty often and this remedy works the same as tynenol would. I though my headache will take longer to go away but it didn’t! I’m really trying to not take as many pills and I really see this as a substitute🤩👏🏽👏🏽

Game Changer 🙌🏾

I carry this roller with me everywhere! I struggle with headaches quite a bit and the roller has provided me with so much relief. Without fail, it works instantly. So I know I’m always going to be covered!

found a use for it!!

So, i wrote a 3 star review a long while ago. but i love Xicali products so it hurt me to write but of course honesty is important, it just didnt work for me at the time for underarms.

Here I am, still holding onto the product because I would never get rid of a natural product. I just had to think about how to reuse it or pay it forward to someone. 2 years later, i whip this bad boy out, and i used it for my feet. yes, i am admitting, i have sweaty feet and my vans stink but i love them lol. I rubbed some of this deodorant at the bottom of my feet and at the end of the day, my shoes were deodorized. It literally had no more stank smell to them. i even had my boyfriend smell them to confirm i wasn't trippen.

i wore my stinky-no sock wearing vans today and my shoes smell like the deodorant with a very very light faint stank ;) im just glad i found a way to re-purpose it!!! i knew it would come in clutch somehow-i couldnt give it up.


This is my second round of this product. I bought it a few years back (It was still good lol) and I really have to say that every time I brushed with this, I was complimented on how white my teeth looked. I love the freshness of it. This second time around, the product is much more mintier which I love even more now!