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Great for neck/shoulder pain

I get awful neck and shoulder pain from stress, to the point where it's uncomfortable to sleep. Tried this (or the Cálmate Oil if it's before bed), and with a massage, it really helped lower the pain.

Amazing F*cking Juice

This lubricant is amazing! It works so good and it’s not sticky like most other lubricants. I would recommend this to anyone it only takes a few drops and last. Also it does not smell like other lubricants thank god! I would recommend this to anyone literally 👍

Period Pain Tea
Kenia Blanco
Love this!!

I have tried this tea and the PCOS tea and this one is just as effectively for me. I think they are both tasty but this one is a bit more minty which my belly really appreciates during that time of the month.

This is the replacement to ibuprofen!

I used to take ibuprofen 5 times a day during my heaviest days. I been drinking this tea for ~3 cycles in a row and my pain has decreased. I finally found a natural replacement for ibuprofen!!

Mellow Out Tincture
Kenia Blanco
First time trying CBD

I feel more relaxed and less anxious when I get some of this drops in the morning. I have better mood throughout the day and don’t get as irritated or annoyed easily.

Used the entire can!!

Honestly the best cold cleanser I’ve ever tried, I have combination skin, when I tell you this takes all the make up, sunscreen and yes even mascara off.! Yet it is so gentle, my skin feels so soft, honestly I will never go to the high ends for toner and cold cleansers. My pores even looked smaller! And the can lasted me so long because a little goes a long way.

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Mellow Out Tincture
Dustin Turner
Good Night!

Trouble sleeping this will fix it! I take this almost every night before bed and damn it knocks me out within 10 minutes! I used to have problems falling asleep and or waking up though out the night but not anymore with this amazing product! Also using it during the day to relax from my anxiety and stress and it works like a dream! 10 out of 10 would recommend to EVERYONE! ❤️✨

So good!

Sinuses where!? Love this product so much the smells are amazing and help so much with headaches and sinuses! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little pick me up!

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Canna Canela Rub
Dustin Turner
You Need This!

Literally MAGIC in a bottle! I’ve been having severe neck pain and lower back pain but within 10 minutes of applying this and just like magic somehow it’s gone! The longer you massage the better it feels! At least rub it for 5-10 minutes if possible the more you go the more intense the heat gets. 10 out of 10 would recommend! ❤️


Trust me when I say BUG THE BIGGEST SIZE YOU CAN! Literally have the worst headaches and this product works like no other for me! After applying I like to massage it into my skin it seems to make the cooling way more intense and I love that! Chelly applied this to me for the first time when I had a major headache and no lie within 10 minutes it was like gone! Needles to say I was hooked. I would and have recommended this product to everyone but get the big one because your are gonna fall in love instantly👍.

The Best Products Ever!

Love using XiCali products because THEY WORK! This skin care kit is NO disappointment! Everything smells like a dream, The cleaner is to die for and makes my skin so soft but also gives an amazing tingle! The face serum is like no other makes my skin hydrated and smooth, the toner also amazing and the smell is a 10! I would not only recommend this skin care but I would recommend literally ANY product on XiCali website! I will be buying this again and again that’s for sure.


The scent of the butter is SO good and relaxing. Not too overwhelming. The product melts into the skin instead of just sitting on top. Overall great product Chelly 💚

Great but slight rash

This product is great. It definitely kept my armpits smelling goof. However, I did develop a small burning rash in part of my armpit. Not sure why and why not all over. Regardless, I kept it on and eventually rash and burning went away. The other feedback I have is about the container. It has often gotten jammed where I cannot open it. In my case my had grip is not great and I have pain in hands so makes it extremely difficult to open. Perhaps a plastic contained is better suited for products. Easier to open for clients with weaker hands.


This was perfect. The lavender helped soothe me in an instant.

Hydrating Goodness

I loved this for my hands. Every winter my hands flake because of the dryness in the air. This is perfect for me in every season anyway. I’ll be using it long term.

Absolutely worth every penny!

Ok, not gonna lie when I saw $75, I was like god damn thats a little expensive lol. But being a longtime fan of Chelly, and following Moon Chola on IG, I thought it was worth checking it out. I am sooo glad I bought my ticket. The energy that night was really heavy for me and I almost didn't make it. This workshop is everything I needed and more, $75 is actually a REALLY good deal when you consider everything they provided and their expertise. Chelly and Moon Chola started off the workshop with a presentation explaining the context of the workshop and then began to read our charts, answered our questions, and was very very on point. Moon Chola is very knowledgeable and explained everything in accessible and creative terms. We wrote down answers to prompts they provided, folded our papers and burned it. Anyone who felt comfortable/called to share, shared their thoughts, and it was a vulnerable, sweet, tender moment. If you're thinking of going and hesitating, just get the tickets and go! You won't regret it!

Other things I really enjoy just in general going to Chelly's space is that its 420 friendly, and the views from her location at night are breathtaking. You can see all of downtown LA and its so beautiful and refreshing.


Love the products! The cbd corona roll took my pain away and it stayed away.

sciatica-csection back pain

i gave this to my sister after hearing about the lower back pain she began to have after her csection (anestheisa shot). i gifted this to her over a year ago and boy does a little go a long way. she uses it til this day and says it helps her alot! yay xicali products


I literally still have this product from when i purcchased at the first pop mercaditos. when chelly had a table showcasing her start up. guess what? my inhaler still has its aroma and i think i purchased pre-pandemic!!

even for the headaches!

I use this when i cant find my corona roller. it is very helpful for even headaches or any kind of ache i have. i lvoe it for my anxiety as well. just drop a few on my hand and meditate away.

and i realize i already made a review. F it. i still use it and believe in it. clearly i still use it for the same reasons lol love this product

love love love

i may have done this review already. but ill do it again because i continue to use it.

my memory doesnt serve too well pero i feel like i have been using this since day one of her release. I continue to go to it. its so helpful. i carry it everywhere with me. someone has a headache? i gotchu, i just lean over and roll it over the temples. this is a gem.

once again...

i know i can trust xicali products. i love this butter, the smell and the way it just glides on my hands is a beauty. i have seen a difference in the softness of my hands. i add to the codos (elbows) too ;)


Love this for my (formerly) dry, winter hands! I received this a few days ago. My first impression, it smells divine! My hands tend to get very dry, especially during the winter so I put the butter on at night, before bed. It literally melts right into my skin and the next morning, I could feel and see a major difference. Thanks so much Chelly, I continue to be beyond pleased with all my Xicali faves!

Lavender Body Butter
Madison Hernandez
Soothing Luxury

This body butter is a satisfying consistency - going from a soft solid until it spreads where it becomes more viscous. WONDERFUL for couple massages - Our backs were butter after a good rub down with this product. Moisturizing and Very rich in lavender aromatherapy. Will continue to purchase this product for the mini vacation it puts me through.


This is liquid gold! And I’m sure I’m not the first to say it! The skincare overall is my go to, but this serum?! I am absolutely in love and so is my skin! ✨✨✨