Collection: Natural Skincare Products

A skin care regimen can be the most amazing form of self-care we can do for ourselves. It is a very intimate ritual that is very sacred to most of us. And we believe that this, essentially sacred ceremony, shouldn’t be ruined by harsh chemicals that are in most mainstream brands. What you need are all natural skin care products that are both ethically made & sourced. Because to us having ethical products is just as important as giving our community amazing results! 

We are proud of our many 5 star reviews. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of our best skin care products we have available: 

We have our natural facial cleansers which are perfect at killing acne causing bacteria and helping soothe acne prone skin. A great pairing with our cleansers are our amazing natural face serum oils - perfect for hydrating & healing dry or oily skin. And the extra piece of the puzzle is our natural facial toner waters which are great at minimizing pores & clear out any leftover bacteria. This powerful trio creates our popular Natural Skin Care Kit

Another fan favorite is our all natural facial masks that help clear out any bacteria or dead skin cells deep inside your pores to help clean any gunk that may have accumulated throughout your day. And most of our masks contain activated charcoal which is great at healing redness. Great for people with severe acne skin.

Last but not least is our natural body butters, which are thick & luscious butters to help with any type of severely dry skin. Also perfect for massaging yourself or a loved one. And the added aroma of cocoa butter gives a great aromatherapy effect - who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate!

We must be mindful, especially in these times we live in today, of where our products are sourced from. And we here at XiCali Products are proud to offer an all natural skin care line that has all it’s ingredients ethically sourced from a well defined location, both locally & internationally. We make sure we do not support corporate oppression. Because as a brown owned small business ourselves we know the importance of not allowing major corporations destroy the land for profit. Especially when most of the lands that are being destroyed & plundered are owned by people of color.

So, through our hard work & intense research we were able to provide our beautiful community with powerful natural skin care remedies that have helped them have healthier skin. And they can rest assured knowing our products did not help corporate oppression.

So you can rest easy knowing all of our products are chemical free skin care. We know mother nature has the best remedies for us all and we would like to prove to you! So if you are ready to make the switch to all natural face products and move towards using only plant based skin care then give us a try! We are sure you will not be disappointed at the results you see or your money back. So scroll below and pick you products today.