Collection: Face Serum Oils

Do you have acne prone skin that always seems to break out? Or maybe you have overly dry skin that hurts? Or maybe you have oily skin right after you head out of the shower? Whatever the case, an all natural face serum will do the trick! Our face serums are made with ingredients that ALL come from plants & mother earth. So you can feel safe when you try our all natural skin care products.

So, If you are looking for a serum for acne prone skin then we would recommend our Touch of Gold Facial Serum - it contains Jojoba Oil which helps balance oil production & it also contains Blue Chamomile which helps heal redness & size. If you are looking for serum for dry sensitive skin then we would recommend our Holy Grounds Facial Serum - it contains Avocado Oil which helps dry skin by hydrating & moisturizing your skin throughout the day. If you are looking for a serum for sensitive skin, maybe you or loved one suffer Rosacea or Eczema, then we would recommend our serums. It contains Oat Oil which helps heal severely damaged & cracked skin.

Our serums are the main pillar of our natural skin care collection. It can be paired perfectly with our natural face cleansers, natural face masks, natural facial toners & even our natural body butters. We are also expanding our CBD skincare products collection. To bring the power of CBD to our skin care regiment. 

Today most mainstream skincare brands add too many chemicals like Triclosan, Parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. to help create a synthetic & cost effective product. They create their products with their shareholder in mind. Not caring about the long-term effects these chemicals can have on people. We here at XiCali Products create our all natural skin care products with our customers at heart. Call us crazy but we believe that our products SHOULDN’T CAUSE CANCER!

That is why all of our products are ethically sourced & ethically made here in beautiful Los Angeles, California. We go through great lengths to make sure none of our ingredients are harmful to our customers. And just as important, we make sure none of our ingredients support corporate oppression. This means all of our ingredients have come from vendors (both locally & globally) that have been paid fairly & have not had their land destroyed by the cultivation of the ingredient. So you can be rest assured that the facial serum you get from us is of the highest quality & standard. There is no other way to us. 


Yes, we love going NATURAL! And you should too. Why would you settle for anything else? Especially when that something else can lead to ridiculous side-effects like cancer. I think we both can agree that natural serum for face is the way to go. So go down below and find the best serum for your facial situation. And be sure to leave a review of your facial experience afterwards. We love to hear from our community!