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XiCali Skin Care Kit (Rose/Lavender)

XiCali Skin Care Kit (Rose/Lavender)

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Our XiCali Skincare Kit is the perfect combo to help fight acne, signs of aging & help mop up all the dirty and grime you get from your day to day - ESPECIALLY if you live in cities with heavy pollution.


Here's what's in the kit:

1) Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser: Our cleanser will mop up excess oils & impurities within the pores making your face feel super clean & leaving skin soft and lovely!

2) A Touch of Gold Serum: Cover your lovely face and neck with liquid gold aka Jojoba oil! It protects your skin leaving you soft to the touch! Packed with French Lavender and Tea Tree to keep your sebum production balanced, fresh, and clean feeling. You are Golden!

3A) Mother's Garden Facial Toner (Roses): Take time to smell the roses with this bouquet for your cute face! We used rose absolute which soothes the skin and Geranium which is perfect for cleaning pores and keeping your skin soft and supple!


3B) Serenity Now Facial Toner (Lavender): Bring peace to your skincare regimen with our lavender and chamomile facial toner. Helps balance your oil production and soothes your skin.

    Instruction On How To Use Kit:

    1. Grab a pea size of our cleanser and mix with water until its a paste.
    2. Massage on face for 30-60 seconds and rinse.
    3. Mist Serenity Now or Mother's Garden Facial Toner on face.
    4. While face is still misty massage A Touch Of Gold Facial Serum.
    5. Safe for daily use (Morning & Night)

    Small kit = 5ml Serum / Large kit = 15ml Serum 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
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      Dustin Turner
      The Best Products Ever!

      Love using XiCali products because THEY WORK! This skin care kit is NO disappointment! Everything smells like a dream, The cleaner is to die for and makes my skin so soft but also gives an amazing tingle! The face serum is like no other makes my skin hydrated and smooth, the toner also amazing and the smell is a 10! I would not only recommend this skin care but I would recommend literally ANY product on XiCali website! I will be buying this again and again that’s for sure.

      Laura D.
      Love my skin

      I love this product. I bought it due to having alot of spots and acne on my face from stress. I felt a different right away. My face started clearing out within the first week of using it. Best of all, it leaves my skin feeling very soft. I love to use it at the end of the day especially after having a stressful day.

      Gaby T.
      Great products!

      I was waiting for a few days of using this to give an educated review and let me tell you, this stuff works! I was having a bit of a breakout on my face and I started using the set. After a week my face was looking and feeling great, no irritation at all and the breakout was gone! The smell is a little overpowering but so nice after you’re done and makes you feel so refreshed. Thank you Chely, I will be getting more of your products!


      2nd time ordering squeaky clean. I ordered the big jar and got 2 little ones. So far the trio combo of squeaky clean, mist, & serum seem to be good with my skin. I have sensitive skin. There are some problem areas that I will DM Chelly about to see if she can advice me on what would be best to use for that. Chelly thank you for always replying to me and being humble. ❤️

      Hormonal Acne Relief

      I have nothing but good things to say about this trio. The cleanser works amazingly. I used to suffer really bad from hormonal cystic acne, and I have none after using these products for a little over a month. Whenever my face is really irritated or inflamed, the cleanser and the serum worked so well to calm it down. And it works instantly. The redness would go away and my skin looked visibly clearer and smoother. The serum is truly my favorite. I like how tingly and fresh it feels on my skin. The toner was a little too much for my sensitive skin, but Chelly is amazing and sent me a replacement toner for one that is better for sensitive skin and I love how refreshing it is. These products are honestly the best. I can't see myself using anything else for my nighttime routine. the ingredients work so well with my skin and I stay amazed because it really cleared up my hormonal acne when nothing would work for YEARS. Finally have the solution. Thank you XiCali Products!