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Spearmint Charcoal Toothpowder

Spearmint Charcoal Toothpowder

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The ingredients include activated charcoal to brighten your smile - spearmint essential oil and baking soda for a refreshing and cleansing feeling. And a little bit of sea salt to polish your smile. 

How To Use:

1) Wet your toothbrush and tap excess water off

2) Then tap powder unto toothbrush 

3) And brush away - retap tooth powder as needed 

4) Rinse mouth with water and spit out 

5) Smile in the mirror 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    This is my second round of this product. I bought it a few years back (It was still good lol) and I really have to say that every time I brushed with this, I was complimented on how white my teeth looked. I love the freshness of it. This second time around, the product is much more mintier which I love even more now!

    Spearmint Charcoal toothPowder

    I need to get adjust to the taste but I love how my teeth feel clean. I love that it’s all natural and I will continue using it.

    Candy R.
    Fresh & Clean

    I got the sample size to try this because I've been wanting to for a cool minute and I don't regret it!! It leave a clean feeling once you use it and fresh breath!

    Daisy Gonzalez
    Amazingly Fresh & clean!

    Loving this tooth powder! Leaves my teeth and gums feeling super clean. Highly recommend this product.

    Jenny Kat
    Best clean feeling

    I had my doubts about this product, but after adding it to my normal dental routine let me tell you it makes a difference, not only do your teeth feel extra clean for me personally I’ve noticed that it’s helped get rid of plaque buildup. So I’m hooked for life