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Im so happy you singed up for our Newsletter!

This goodie bag includes samples of our best sellers! 

This is valued at $50 dollars but is free with your Promocode. Simply add this to cart and when you are checking out add the promocode sent in your email  and watch the price drop to $0.00 

Thank you for signing up for our Email Newsletter!  We will respect your email and only send you thoughtful shareable information: Health Tutorials,  Herbal DIYs, Health Tips, Promos, New Products and when were featured in Podcast, blogs, lives etc!

-Chelly, Your Trusted Bruja

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I'm in love with these products! The Squeaky Clean cleanser is amazing and made my face feel fantastic! The cbd Corona roll on was instantaneous and I reach for it whenever I have a headache. Thank you for these amazing products ☺️💞

Krystal B
Some Powerful Mini's

I love the sampler set to try out some of the products. So far, my favorite is the Canna Canela; I used it on my grandmothers neck and feet and she liked it so much, I let her keep my sample bottle.
They all smell so good and the oils can be pretty potent, which is great--a little goes a long way helping with pain relief and I like the cinnamon smell of Canna Canela and the minty, tingliness of Corona opening up my sinuses (lol) and de-stressing. I still have yet to try the CBD tincture, but I'm looking forward to it, especially since the Canna Canela and Corona have been working! I already know at least two things i'm coming back to buy lol
Thank you so much for these and the opportunity to sample them !! These are a game-changer. Bendiciones !

Vanessa Garcia
Products you’ll love

I use these products and my pain is gone instantly. I share this information with Family and friends everyone should check out the website.

Gaby T.
Great products!

I JUST tried your products and I’m in love already! The corona rub is really effective, I was having a bad migraine and used this, in 15 minutes the pain was considerably down and I just had to use it one more time! The fact that I can treat my horrible migraines with something else than medication is priceless… Thank you Chelly for what you do! 🤗

Crystal Rincon
Greatest products

I received a sample pack! Everything worked amazing!! Highly recommend!