Fresh Garden Natural Deodorant

Fresh Garden Natural Deodorant

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Our Fresh Garden Deodorant is packed with all day strength natural ingredients. Feel free to shove your pits in your friends face to show them how fresh it actually leaves you! 

  • Ingredients: cocoa butter, caléndula wax, baking soda, arrowroot powder, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender . 
  • Instructions: massage 1-3 pea size amount under your arms for all day strength.

we do use baking because it’s a natural deodorant. Some people are sensitive to baking soda, which can cause: redness , irritation, inflammation. If you are sensitive to baking soda please try a FREE sample of deodorant before you buy. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Should have bought it long time ago!!

    I purchased this deodorant recently and omg I don’t know why I waited so long to try it out lol. It smells sooo good!! It calmed any irritation I had in my armpits due to other store bought deodorants I had been using. Plus my sobacos have not been stinky at all lol. I love this deodorant!! Thank you Xicalli products for creating such awesome products like this one. <3


    I've been on the hunt for a deodorant that is organic and skin friendly for the longest. Every other brand I've tried has either irritated me or freshness hasn't lasted. I wore this for most of the day, all through my work day and biked in the rain! I'm always a hot mess biking but I was still smelling fresh after the night rain!

    Mary S.
    My new favorite forever deodorant

    I'm trying to figure out what took me so long to order this. It smells divine, straight fresh lemongrass scented. Going to be purchasing another one to leave in my purse and another for my Momma Bear since she loved it too. Great decision.

    Love it but I can’t wear it

    This has got to be the most awesomest natural deodorant ever. The smells stays on so nice and refreshing literally all day. It did stain my clothes (underarm area) just a bit because of the oils but noting noticeable. I Didn’t have the extra sweating like other natural deodorant. Now the sad thing is I can’t wear it everyday. I waxed my armpits and I made the mistake of putting some on a day after and my pits burned and left a minimal burn (left my under arm skin brown). Please do a trial run before smacking it on. I’ll definitely use it again but I have to see for what.

    Amazing Product!

    I was on the hunt for an organic deodorant and once i found this one I have never looked back! The fact that I also get to support an amazing small business is just the cherry on top. I love the smell, the consistency and the longevity of the smell of this product. Highly recommend