Breath of Fresh Air Aromatherapy Inhaler

Breath of Fresh Air Aromatherapy Inhaler

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Take a breath of fresh air with this cool decongesting aromatherapy inhaler. Eucalyptus is known to help people with bronchitis and allergies. Camphor is decongesting and energizing! 

  • Instructions: With index finger press side of one nostril and with the open nostril deeply inhale the inhaler stick. Do not insert inhaler stick inside of the nose, not even a little. 
  • Ingredients: Eucalyptus essential oil, camphor essential oil

Inhalers are CBD-Free  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jennifer Garcia
Awesome Aromatherapy Inhaler!!

I used it religiously for a couple of weeks before my Beagle decided to chew it apart. Loved loved loved it and I’m gonna but it again!! The smell was so good and relaxing.


It smells so good and I feel relaxed.

Marlen Rios Hernandez
I love this inhaler!

I cannot express the care Chelly clearly puts into their craft. I have ordered a variety of products from XiCali and everything is as promised. This inhaler smells great and is so soothing!

Helps me focus!

I use this little gem right here maybe once a day, when I find myself with low energy and distracted. I’ll do a small inhale and couple that with a few deep breathes to gain energy to get through the rest of my tasks. Highly recommend for a natural and refreshing “pick-me-up”!

Olivia Rodriguez
nasal inhalers are BOMB AF!

the breath of fresh air & relaxing nasal inhalers are amazing!! they help me breath & help
relax me. Everybody needs these!!