4 Primary Headaches


Primary Headaches: Reasons unknown 


  1. 4hrs -3 days 
  2. One side of the face or head
  3. 20% of people Can Cause Auras


  1. Like a rubber band squeezing forehead 
  2. Muscular pain/ most common 
  3. Theory caused by spassiming of blood vessels 

Cluster Headaches

  1. Behind the eye
  2. Explosive pain
  3. Burning stabbing


  1. Causes by hormonal changes 
  2. Usually low estrogen
  3. Not enough research 

DIY Headache Migraine  Detox Bath

  1. 8oz of epsom salt and 20 drops of lavender oil into a cool Bath during the summer. allow Epsom salt to resolve. Then add 20 drops of lavender essential oil. SIt in bath for 30-45 minutes. The Epsom salt remineralizes your body with magnesium and lavender helps reduce inflammation. 
  2. Shop our CBD Corona Polisher for Headache and Migraine relief. It is our #1 best seller. We use peppermint to reduce inflammation and is a natural cold compress. The CBD helps reduce pain and pressure. Magnesium oil remineralizes your body with magnesium, which is a mineral our body tends to be low on when you have a migraine or headache. 
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