Paid Internship: Digital Marketing Intern - Organic

Your goal is to help produce high quality content that boosts engagement on all platforms.  You will learn the importance of building a community to grow a bootstrap business, and the importance of doing business with a social justice lens.   There is a1:1 Employee to Intern Ratio.   This can lead to a future position with the brand. 

Who will take this position? You are a person enthusiastic to create content and identify as creative and loves to execute ideas, you know how to stick to a deadline. Editing content is a breeze for you, you love re-watching your videos because you're so proud of your content. 


  1. Work directly with CEO to create Content Calendars,  Content Outline and Scripts,
  2. Record, edit, and copywriting video content.
  3. Keep up with trends and new features on social media.
  4. PR outreach to influencers, pages, podcasters, etc.
  5. Write SEO targeted articles on natural remedies for brand Pinterest account, newsletter and blog.
  6. Track analytics & engagement on Instagram/Google
  7. Help plan a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization
  8. Read articles, reports, and watch online courses regarding marketing 
  9. Learn Search Engine Optimization 
  10. Learn to link build for keywords

Preferred Majors: Chicana Studies. Ethnic Studies, Sociology, English, Photography, Film, Marketing, Business, Environmental Studies, Economics.

LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Womyn, people with disabilities, undocumented people are encouraged to apply. 

This is a PAID  internship. Students will complete 4-8 hrs a week. $15/ hr for 10 weeks

Perks: parking reimbursement, transportation stipend, free snacks, XiCali Products allowance, access to online courses, strong letter of recommendation, 6 hrs of mentorship after completing internship.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  1. Apply knowledge gained in the classroom (or major) to real-world challenges in an internship environment.
  2. Develop and enact a compelling professional vision that values diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  3. Engage in responsible conduct while working as an intern and allow decisions to be informed by a value-centered life.
  4. Learn the basics of starting and sustaining a profitable BIPOC owned ecommerce business with a social justice lens. 
  5. Learn how to create marketing campaigns for an online community through organic marketing tactics. 
  6. Learn how to network with: influencers, journalists, brujas, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, etc.
  7. Learn about BIPOC and Women and queer history and resistance. 
  8. Learn about chicana/ latina/ feminist culture and marketing to the largest growing demographic in the USA. 
  9. Students will be able to create an organic marketing campaign. 

Weekly Syllabus 

  1. Week 1: Internship overview.  Intro to Business with a social justice lens, Video Content 101
  2. Week 2: Social Media Marketing Campaigns 101, 5 pillars of content 
  3. Week 3: Search Engine Optimization 101 
  4. Week 4: Building an online community 101 Women in social justice leadership 101. 
  5. Week 5: Midway Evaluation/ Email marketing Campaign 101
  6. Week 6: In Real Life Marketing Campaigns 101
  7. Week 7: Networking 101: Influencers marketing, podcast marketing, connecting with movements and non-profits.
  8. Week 8: Business Model Canvas 101. 
  9. Week 9: co-facilitate community fundraiser 
  10. Week 10: Exit interview and feedback. Students evaluate the work site and supervisors evaluate the student's performance at the internship.