Rose Berry Tea (PCOS Relief)

Rose Berry Tea (PCOS Relief)

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Every sip is a moment of self care for your womb. This hand picked blend supports your uterine walls and pelvic floors while balancing hormone. Especially with those who live with PCOS.

Red Raspberry Leaf is used for strengthening the uterus and exercising the pelvic muscle for less pain and inflammation of the uterus.

Chaste Berry helps increase progesterone making it a top choice for those with PCOS.

  • Ingredients: Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Spearmint, Organic Red Roses, Organic Chaste Berry, mugwort 
  • Instructions: Steep bag in water that was close to boiling point for 5-10 minutes.
  • Optional: While hot pour over ice for refreshing iced tea; dash cinnamon for anti-inflammatory powers and as a sweetener.

*Do not use it if you are using IUD, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doula or doctor.

Teas are CBD-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
nery Arcos
So Soothing

I've had a hormonal imbalance ever since I've had surgery on one of my ovaries. When I get nauseous in the morning and cramps, especially right before my cycle, I drink a cup of this blessed tea and it soothes my stomach and my cramps. And it tastes so good on top of being a magical remedy.

Karla Perez-Cordero
Yummy and effective

I’ll need to order more! It is really delicious and it helps to release some pain.

Mary S.
Berry Sweet <3

So in love with this tea. I need to re-order. That raspberry leaf is such a hard hitter to knocking those cramps on their way. Not only does it taste amazing but those period pains have definitely been reduced significantly. <3

Brooke Valls
Works great!

I bought this for my friend she has awful periods and this one of the only things that has worked, thank you!

Debbie Alfaro
Rose Berry Tea Is All and More

Im down to one bag and I must say this tea is all and more. I’ve struggled with heavy Periods and terrible cramps all my life I’ve tried everything including different teas but this one really does the trick. The raspberry leaf, the spearmint are just amazing. I love how the each ingredient compliments the other. And it works!!!