Natural Hand Sanitizer

Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Our lavender essential oil hand sanitizer helps keep your hand soft and safe during these times. Using 99% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to help fight bacteria and keep you safe!

  • Instruction: Spray on hands or body for disinfectant of viruses & harmful bacteria. Use as needed. Avoid eyes & mouth.
  • Ingredients: 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Lavender Essential oil 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smells great and keeps my hands clean

I like that this sanitizer doesn't give of that icky smell that most hand sanitizers give off. I love when I spray it on my hands they automatically feel all nice and clean plus the added spearmint smell add to the nice and clean feeling :)

Rebecca nava
What's better than handmade

I was tired of purell drying out my hands so wanted to try this since I love all her other products. The smell is strong but it is totally worth it my hands aren't dry and it's a good size for the price

Summer L.
A bit too strong

I'm not sure if I have too sensitive hands, but this kinda burns in the sensitive area between my fingers. The smell can also be a little overpowering with the peppermint and alcohol. Not sure if I got an accidentally strong batch.

Marlen Rios Hernandez
Hand Sanitizer Goody Bag! :)

The hand sanitizer goody bag was the best purchase I've made during this difficult time. The free samples were sized just right, the sanitizer came in a sturdy bottle that gives generous sprays and! everything came neatly packaged. The wait for the items was short which was even better considering the broader issues these days. I am thankful for these products!

Luz Elena Sanchez Lopez

I got this sanitizer and a few samples in the mail and it was really helpful in these crazy/stressful times. I'm definitely going to be buying from XiCali again!